Greetings from Carrie on the Planning Committee!

Each of us planning committee members will be writing a brief introduction so you can get to know us before the YAI.

Carrie in front of the AIDS Memorial in Durban, South Africa

Carrie in front of the AIDS Memorial in Durban, South Africa

My name’s Carrie Rheingans and I was an attendee at the YAI 2008 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the time, I was a staff member at the HIV/AIDS Resource Center (HARC) in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I was the coordinator for all our fundraising events, as well as an HIV test counselor. Previously, I was a volunteer at HARC, doing outreach on our mobile unit, HIV test counseling, education at community venues, and supporting the office staff and fundraising events. Currently, I am an AmeriCorps member serving through the National AIDS Fund. Right now, I serve as one of the curriculum committee co-chairs (with Ericka) for the YAI planning committee (so leave curriculum suggestions in the comments!!).

I have a Bachelor in Science from the University of Michigan in German Studies and Biology. After working for a couple years, I’m back at U-M getting two masters degrees – one in public health (in health behavior and health education) and the other in social work (in community organizing). Though I look like a through-and-through Michigan girl, I’ve also lived in Freiburg, Germany and Durban, South Africa, and I’ll be living in Lima, Peru for a couple months this summer.

Leave any questions for me in the comments section! I can’t wait to meet YOU!!


~ by Carrie Rheingans on February 25, 2009.

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